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Repo info
    Pippin Williamson
    Let's hear them
    No clear division of channels, ie... it's hard to identify individual channels for support v core v whatever. The interface feels a bit unrefined to me, there's no concept of posting files, restricting conversations to either 'org' or 'repo' feels a bit awkward (and honestly, it's a bit confusing... we have two EDD conversations with no clear distinction between them). No concept of a 'history', so no way to search for something that's been said. No real offline notification, and no mobile support yet
    Plus there doesn't seem to be a way to filter or hide organizations that aren't using it... so I've got a HUGE list down the left side that makes no sense and will never be used
    In other words, the project has a LOT of potential, but it's got a long way to go
    Pippin Williamson
    I'd agree with all of those
    I don't think I want to use this full time yet, but I want to keep an eye on it
    And notifications suck... I wouldn't have even noticed i got that message :P
    it just makes the speech bubble text in their icon green
    Chris Christoff
    I disagre
    first off you can rename the groups and make custom ones
    you can also limit groups by members now
    offline notification was added last week
    so all its missing is mobile support and chat search
    @ghost1227 you need to turn the notifications on
    oh and Gitter seems to run a 100x faster than Hall
    I said offline, not desktop
    Chris Christoff
    offline was added
    via email
    see Ninja Form's chat
    they are tweaking it atm
    Chris Christoff
    FES beta tester applications officially open tomorrow: http://chriscct7.com/fes-2-2-beta-coming-soon/
    Users have until March 28 to apply. The beta will begin on April 3.
    For those who feel like retweeting: https://twitter.com/chriscct7/status/446141339533443072
    SM Jenkins
    Hey guys...anyone still visiting this room?