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    Artem Stasiuk
    Artem Stasiuk
    Hi, does the tagging of ec2 instances support adding label as a tag?
    Hi, adding labels to Fleet agent in an ASG does not really work. I assigned a fleet agent "nonprodslave2" label but when I actually launch the job I get this "‘Jenkins’ doesn’t have label ‘nonprodslave2’; ‘user2’ lacks permission to run on ‘nonprodslave2 i-07*6e’
    Somehow the plugin is adding the instance_id at the end of the label which fails in "Role-Strategy" plugin
    Logged an issue in the support board
    Artem Stasiuk
    @marekhanzlik sorry, about delay, but answer nope, it doesn't, just cloud name, however it possible, could you share use case and create issue about that https://github.com/jenkinsci/ec2-fleet-plugin/issues/new thx
    Tianheng Zhou
    I'm seeing the plugin keeps changing my autoscaling group setting to protect from scale in
    Tianheng Zhou
             // without scale in protection auto scaling group could terminate random ec2 instances
                        // in case of scale in, instead we need to enable so plugin could decide
                        // which empty instance should be terminated
    I see you have this in the code, is this meaning I should disable the asg auto scaling policy and let your plugin to determine when to scale down?
    Artem Stasiuk
    Yep, that's idea of that plugin, to auto manager Jenkins capacity based on amount of tasks, instead of indirect CPU or mem usage.
    Tianheng Zhou
    I see, good to know.
    Narz Marbeth David

    I'm testing out the EC2 spot fleet behavior currently. So, I configured my fleet to downscale after work hours to 0. The scheduled action will modify the min and max capacity to 0 at 9pm.

    That works fine if Jenkins does not modify the spot request. However as I increased the build queue, the plugin seems to send the following:

    I noticed that the fleet will no longer downscale unless I manually reset it back to excessCapacityTerminationPolicy: Default using the aws cli
    Is there something I could configure in the plugin so it doesn't override my scheduled scaling action?
    Stefan Goethals
    Hi, i am testing this module but am running into jenkinsci/ec2-fleet-plugin#265. Is there any work happening to fix this?
    Serhii Matsak
    Hi all. Did anybody use ec2-fleet jenkins plugin to spin up ec2 spot instances in aws? We are trying to find out the root cause related to interruption (JenkinsFleet …eced was marked offline: Node is being removed). On AWS side spots are terminated with status instance-terminated-by-user . Would appreciate for the quick feedback - raised an issue to github jenkinsci/ec2-fleet-plugin#337