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    Hi there, I'm seeing ths
    17:06:52 SEVERE traceId=dba67b367a809637, spanId=dba67b367a809637, sampled=true [or.ec.ya.in.Unmarshaller] (executor-thread-1) Unable to deserialize property 'createdAt' because of: Cannot create instance of a class: class java.time.Instant, No default constructor found.
    in my log files
    hi everybody
    I created a pull request for an issue related to generics and parameterized types, I also made a pull request. Is the community active ? I can see a lot of unmerged pull requests ...
    Hantsy Bai
    There is jsonb channel under eclipse, why not merging it into this one.
    And I am not sure if there are someone using Jsonb/yasson in your porjects, I know most develoers are using Jackson instead.
    But Jackson, and Apache Johnzon have already added Java 16 Record.
    James R. Perkins
    It is the reference implementation for the JSON-B spec. WildFly definitely uses as does GlassFish.