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Oct 2015
Anthony Crumley
Oct 27 2015 01:07
@saabdoli It would be the latter. The currently existing Participant Schema with a member boolean.
Anthony Crumley
Oct 27 2015 13:07
@saabdoli I finally got the participation tests passing and it has been merged to upstream master.
Anthony Crumley
Oct 27 2015 20:51
        "salt" : "\u0019�\u001cE�־��܂TZG��",
        "displayName" : "John Doe",
        "provider" : "local",
        "username" : "johndoe",
        "created" : ISODate("2015-08-20T14:33:40.135Z"),
        "roles" : [
        "password" : "WBA78SQ77XMCq3FW4QA+NKEuxnbs1SLc2fS06TOI6LHdetcu4UXjbWrmFkh7/cRFvacT4ke9AigmoUF56Y0X8w==",
        "email" : "",
        "lastName" : "Doe",
        "firstName" : "John",
        "__v" : 0
@saabdoli This is a user you can add to you database through the mongo console. Put it in the users collection. The user name is johndoe and the password is password.
Then you should be able to log into your development app.
Oct 27 2015 22:44
@anthonycrumley thank you