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Nov 2015
Anthony Crumley
Nov 10 2015 14:10
@saabdoli I made some comments.
@saabdoli It might be a good idea to work on the other items in the Ready column of waffle and come back to this later. Commit or stash your current work and create new branches to work through those other items.
That way we can be ready for Thursday night.
And tonight.
Nov 10 2015 15:53
How are we doing getting ready for Thursday? How can I be helpful @saabdoli @anthonycrumley
Nov 10 2015 17:16
OK, just sent a pull request adding Educator Roundtable to Event types
Nov 10 2015 17:52
I've started working on success messages for participations but I'm not sure how to access the participations in the app to test
Anthony Crumley
Nov 10 2015 17:58
@saabdoli Select Events -> List Events -> Click on an event -> Click the list icon in the lower right.
@marshallpollard Sean is working through several smaller issues that need to be there for Thursday. This afternoon I will be updating the participant list so people with the same name can be differentiated and importing of the participants from the google spreadsheets.
Anthony Crumley
Nov 10 2015 21:12
@marshallpollard @saabdoli The participant searches are no longer ambiguous. They were Anthony Crumley and now they are Anthony Crumley (2055879999).
Now if two people have the same name they can be differentiated by their phone number.
Which is a required field.
@marshallpollard Also, @saabdoli added the Educator Roundtable as an event type.
@marshallpollard These changes have been deployed to the Heroku site at I added SocialVenture as a location and created the Educator Roundtable event for tonight. Participants can be signed into that event.
If you so choose.