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Nov 2015
Anthony Crumley
Nov 12 2015 12:11 UTC
@saabdoli There was a problem with the Raise Up fix. I commented on the pull request.
All the other pull requests have been deployed to heroku.
Nov 12 2015 14:58 UTC
Good morning team! Looking forward to tonight! Quick question, are we up to date with participants? And what link to are we going to for the tablets?
@anthonycrumley Would you be able to type up a half page of instructions that we could give to each volunteer? That way, during the pre Network Night "huddle" they can use that half page to understand how to sign people in?
If you printed 10 half pages, we'd be fine
Anthony Crumley
Nov 12 2015 20:40 UTC
@marshallpollard I am working on it.
Anthony Crumley
Nov 12 2015 21:50 UTC
@marshallpollard The participants are loaded but I am not going to be able to get instructions to you.
@saabdoli ^^
Anthony Crumley
Nov 12 2015 21:56 UTC
@marshallpollard @saabdoli The link for the tablets is