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Nov 2015
Nov 16 2015 23:26
@anthonycrumley @seanabdoli
I've just (re)shared all the Sheets that need to be used to populate the participant registry in the database. They include:
  1. Tuggle Network Night Sign In
  2. Tuggle Network Night Sign IN (10.20)
  3. Ramsay High Network Night Sign In
  1. Network Member Registration
  2. Hudson Network Night Sign IN 9.24
  3. G.W. Carver High School Network Nigh Sign In
  4. Carver Network Night Sign In
  5. 10.2015 Network Member registration
The two NM registration forms need to be used to populate the Network Members
10.2015 NM Registration changed to October/November NM registration
Nov 16 2015 23:30
@anthonycrumley Can you look at my pull request when you have a chance. I'm still trying to figure out how to cast the participant as a member correctly.