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Dec 2015
Anthony Crumley
Dec 02 2015 02:45 UTC
@marshallpollard Anyone can click on that link and edit the match boards. Please edit and remove the link from the comment above.
Anthony Crumley
Dec 02 2015 04:03 UTC
@marshallpollard 1) I am currently working on this one and it should be done this week. 2) We have now figured out how to convert participants to members in the database so this is getting close to done and @saabdoli is working on it.
Dec 02 2015 19:14 UTC
For some reason, I can't select "edit" from the drop down menu to delete the link...any suggestions?
Dec 02 2015 22:06 UTC
So the members update correctly except for when it comes to the Groups String arrays, any value entered is returned as [object Object]. I am also working on getting the participant deleted after the member is created.