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Jan 2016
Jan 18 2016 18:47
@anthonycrumley I've finished and created a pull request for making the list views interactive. I've also finished the Shirt Updating but to add my solution, I must build on work in the aforementioned pull request. Should I wait for the list pull request to be merged or just add my solution on top of the List pull request.
Anthony Crumley
Jan 18 2016 19:24
@saabdoli Building on top of it is fine. I will look at the pull request and merge it also.
Anthony Crumley
Jan 18 2016 20:26
@saabdoli Here is a ruby mongodb example of updating documents. This will update the c9 local mongodb.
Andrew Burton
Jan 18 2016 21:24
@anthonycrumley Regarding #127 does that need to be something done in grunt or would a shell script suffice?
Anthony Crumley
Jan 18 2016 22:54
@andreburto Any way is fine. The minimum solution would be an easy to type and memorable command. The ideal solution would be for it to automatically start so people don't have to remember to type a command.