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Feb 2016
Anthony Crumley
Feb 22 2016 05:00
@marshallpollard @saabdoli @/all New functionality was released:
  • Better field highlighting for errors posting all forms (Andrew Sellers)
  • Now shows complete list of errors when posting all forms (Andrew Sellers)
  • Remove and prevent duplicate event participant signins (Zac Williams)
  • Fixed Travis CI not reporting all errors and lint failures (Anthony Crumley)
  • Added navigational breadcrumbs to all pages (Stephen Brown)
  • Added export of member information to csv/excel (Andrew Sellers)
  • Added click to call on phone numbers (Stephen Brown)
  • Added membership date filter to members list (Sean Abdoli)
  • Added click to email on email addresses (Walt Shirey)
  • Added Collective Code Construction Contract (Anthony Crumley)
  • Added check for web app running to startup script (Andy Burton)
  • Added redirect to login page everywhere when user is not logged in (Zac Williams)
  • Fixed a bug with user creation (Andrew Sellers)
  • Ability to remove participants from an event (Andrew Sellers)
  • Fixed issue with developer machine setup (Zac Williams)