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Feb 2016
Anthony Crumley
Feb 29 2016 21:04 UTC
@marshallpollard @saabdoli @/all New functionality released:
  • Member export now respects filters (Andrew Sellers) #207
  • Member now has a membership date separated from created date which is now used for member filtering (Andrew Sellers) #211
  • Network actions now have a notes field for the connectors to comment on action status (Zac Williams) #161
  • Network actions statuses are new descriptive rather than colors (Anthony Crumley) #165
Feb 29 2016 21:05 UTC
So great!
Anthony Crumley
Feb 29 2016 21:06 UTC
@marshallpollard The problem with the memberships is that they did not get a correct date when they were created. It will work well for the ones created going forward but not for the ones created in the past.