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Mar 2016
Mar 14 2016 20:37
@anthonycrumley I've hit a problem where I'm unable to login to the dev app with any of my user accounts. The user records are still present in the database however the app no longer recognizes any passwords.
Mar 14 2016 21:05
I was able to get in with another user, but it seems that if the profile of a user is edited, the user is somehow corrupted.
Andrew Burton
Mar 14 2016 21:54
@saabdoli I've seen the same thing, thought I never tracked it back to the change.
Would a command line script to reset the password help or is fixing the bug more important?
Err, I mean in the short-term. :-)
Mar 14 2016 23:04
I guess the bug. I'm having problems working on Connector Users because every time I edit a user to make them a connector, or link them to a participant, I lose the ability to access the user, when I log out.