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Aug 2018
Anthony Crumley
Aug 27 2018 02:37
@Trevonte That step is a little tricky. The command is probably working but not in the way you expect. The commands ran at the command line on AWS Cloud9 are running on a virtual server in the cloud, not our your local computer. As a result, clip puts the key into the clipboard on the virtual server but not on your local computer. When you try to paste into Github from your local computer, the key is not in your clipboard.
The way I did it was to use the command "cat ~/.ssh/" at the Cloud9 bash command line. This will output the key to your console in Cloud9. Then you can select the key on the screen using the mouse to highlight it. Once you highlight the key you can copy it. Then it will be in your local computer's clipboard and you can paste it into Github.
This issue of whether commands or code is running on a virtual server in the cloud or on your local computer is often confusing. This will be something you will probably struggle with while learning web development with Ruby on Rails as well. Some code runs on the server in the cloud and other code runs in the user's browser.
Aug 27 2018 15:14
@anthonycrumley Thank you, I'll work on it as soon as I can.