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Nov 2018
Anthony Crumley
Nov 14 2018 21:28
@Trevonte Sorry for the delayed response, I have been sick. The next step is to create a pull request. Here is a blog post that gives instruction on your first pull request. You will be starting on step 3 since you have already done the first two. Please let me know if you have any questions. We can do skype if you run into any problems.
Here is a github article on creating the actual pull request from a fork.
Nov 14 2018 22:40
@anthonycrumley Thanks, will get to it ASAP!
And I hope you get better!
Anthony Crumley
Nov 14 2018 22:55
Chatup: @Trevonte Fixed a security vulnerability in a gem dependency. Next I will work on adding a media waiver check box to the attendance check-in page which I had planned to do before the vulnerability popped up. Currently, no blocking issues.