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Dec 2018
Dec 19 2018 01:45
@anthonycrumley When adding the line "<p class="text-right"><%= page_entries_info @members %></p>" to display members. I get the error "undefined method `size' for nil:NilClass". I tried adding a few lines of code and changing the added line of code as well, but I'm getting nowhere.
Anthony Crumley
Dec 19 2018 13:27
@Trevonte The page_entries_info method is creating the text "Displaying members 1-25 of 6594 in total" based on the data in the variable @members on the Members index view. On the Members page that variable contains an Array of Member model objects that were queried from the database. This variable was set in the MembersController#index action. There is a similar variable beginning with the @ symbol in the index view for Events, Actions and Tasks as well, except it has a different name than @members. This other @ variable needs to be substituted for @members on each of the other index views.