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Armin Naderi
I installed the extension, do I have to create .editorconfig manually? Will the plugin automatically populate the file?
is it an good extension that does what F12 do in webstorm, I mean help you navigate inside your file shows U the mathod list for e.g?
Scott Spence
Will this and JS standard play nicely together?
Hi all btw :wave:
Sam Verschueren
@naderi_armin_twitter Yes you will have to create it yourself. You can however generate a default one by opening the command pallette and select EditorConfig: Generate
@assaftenen Not sure what you mean
@spences10 The only thing EditorConfig does is make sure some config is set correctly like indentation (tabs vs spaces), indentation size, line endings
A linter like ESLint or Standard is totally seperate from this
If you choose for tabs in EditorConfig, and in your linter you also configure that it needs tabs, then yes it will work
But you can totally set EditorConfig to tabs and your linter to spaces because it’s a total different thing
It enforces consistency between your text editors and between the text editors of your team
You don’t want one team member to configure its editor to use spaces while everyone else is using tabs
Scott Spence
@SamVerschueren thanks for the explanation :+1: so if I have my VSCode set up to use 2 spaces for tabs and .editorconfig is different which one will be overridden?
Jed Mao
EditorConfig should override your default settings.
@spences10 :point_up:
@SamVerschueren it looks like the detect indentation piece is broken in 0.4.0, according to the broken test.
You mind looking into it?
My entire day was consumed w/ this 0.4.0 release.
I need to do my actual job lol.
Aliaksei Kuncevič
I have such folders structure:

my .editorconfig

# Editor configuration, see http://editorconfig.org
root = true

charset = utf-8
indent_style = space
indent_size = 2
insert_final_newline = true
trim_trailing_whitespace = true

max_line_length = off
trim_trailing_whitespace = false

for some reason vscode not picking up the ident_size
just keeping 4 instead of 2
tried to put .editorconfig in different folders, didn't work either

John Meyer

I'm seeing an issue, but I'm not sure if it's a bug or a plugin limitation. Here's the relevant excerpt from .editorconfig...

trim_trailing_whitespace = true
trim_trailing_whitespace = false

In Markdown files it's still trimming trailing whitespace, I even tried putting .editorconfig in the same folder as the .md file, and opening that folder in VSCode. It still trims trailing whitespace (which can be significant in Markdown).


Luzanov Pavel
Hi to everyone, I've just add .editorconfig to my project and realised that pre-commit hooks(we use husky and have linting and code coverage) don't triggered by git commit anymore. I'd try to modify .editorconfig file, delete it, restart, rerun the editor - with no luck. I can manually run pre-commit - it works fine. Do somebody have same issue?
Luzanov Pavel
Nevermind, already find the issue.
I installed Editor config extension
and node module too
How to use it ?
any other thing have to do ?
have .editorconfig file too
hello i installed editor config in visual studio but i cant see any changes
i created a file
but it doesnt look to get the configuration
Neeraj Aggarwal
dont know if this is the right place but when I code in Javascript in VSCode, the second I type something, all hell breaks loose. I am editing my code, before I can terminate the string message, the Cursor goes to the start of line.
When I start typing on a new line, cursor runs off on top
after installation can't see any notable changes. but its confirm that is installed. So i just hit the save button!
joann saeou

hi guys, i have trouble understanding where to look up the setup for

charset = utf-8
indent_style = space
indent_size = 2
insert_final_newline = true
trim_trailing_whitespace = true

im on the VS studio code, and i have the editorconfig extension but i cant seem to find the file to change the format?

Robin Munn
@joannsaeou It should be a file called .editorconfig (nothing before the dot), probably at the root of your repo. If you're using Linux or OS X and you can't see that file, you might need to turn on a "show hidden files" setting in your file explorer program (i.e., Finder in OS X). I don't know what app you're using so I can't tell you the shortcut key in your particular app, but in the one I use it's Ctrl-H.

Hi, I find this extension to be very interesting and exciting but I do have some questions.

  1. Am I able to format the Rust programming langauge?
  2. Are there any docs in regarding how to format Rust?
  3. Am I able to format my Rust code where it adds extra spacing after the variable structure name and it aligns everything together while adding a : right before specifying the variable data type, for example:
struct Color
    red             : u32,
    blue            : u32,
    greenasds       : u32,
impl Color
    fn init() -> Self
            red             : 255,
            blue            : 255,
            greenasds       : 255,

Can I like literally format it specifically to my own likings? Does it have the ability to do low level formatting without relying on pre-built settings?

  1. Is the code formatted instantaneously as I am typing my code?
Gerald Quintana
Hi, when I am editing the last line of file and the "Auto Save" feature is enabled and .editorconfig contains insert_final_newline = true, the editorconfig plugin adds new line as I type. This is very painful because it insert a newline anywhere at any time. Is there a trick to avoid the cursor to be moved to next line as the line is added? Or to delay the line addition?
Who is able to publish to VSC Marketplace?
Multiple updates need pushing :)
Ahmet Atar
If you are using editorconfig ext with vscode, it's not enought to just install extension. You need to do some extra settings. Firtsly change "Default Formatter" as EditorConfig, then check "Format On Save" option. So it will work as expected. Just fyi :)
^ very true
Mohammed Kasim
Please help?
James Harr
@Mohammed-kjwhat do you need help with?
Christian Bromann
Hey folks :wave: I am Christian and together with my colleagure @sourishkrout we like to continue maintaining the editorconfig vscode extension. We are building a bunch of extensions already here at Stateful (check out https://marquee.stateful.com/ or https://www.stateful.com/).
That said, I haven’t been able to look into the code that much yet but I will try this week and might start looking at some of the issues. Hopefully at some point I will be able to support here as well. Cheers!