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Repo info
    que complicado :/
    Maybe someone may close fixed/outdated issues, now is a lot of these in open issues tab:
    Some of them:
    Create a mana bar beneath players health bar #75
    Reason: Closed by diath commit: Add player mana bar #909
    Support client version 10.97 #758
    Reason: At this time otclient working with client version 10.99
    Shooting runes in battlelist @ creatures. #697
    Reason: Closed by EgzoT commit: Fixed problem with function "useWith" on creatures #874
    10.50 support. #544
    Reason: At this time otclient working with client version 10.99
    Messed up mapmark icons #895
    Reason: Closed by andersonfaaria commit: Fix minimap icons
    Problem with battle server 7.4 #856
    Reason: Closed by EgzoT commit: Fixed problem with function "useWith" on creatures #874
    Personagem congelado #849
    Reason: Other than english language
    missing summon_own and summon_other icon in-game #911
    Reason: Closed by diath commit: Add creature type icons for summons #915
    Missing delay for some actions #903
    Reason: Closed by diath commit: Add turn and hotkey delay #910
    Limiting packets sent by OTClient #564
    Reason: Closed by soul4soul and diath commit: Missing delay for some actions #903 and Add turn and hotkey delay #910
    pre-build on homebrew cask #863
    Reason: Empty issue
    Hi, this room is for support??
    Hello i have small problem ;)
    Hi, I'm trying to compile the OTClient. I cloned the repo and executed commands from the GitHub page. I also linked additional libraries like: glew-2.1.0, physfs-3.0.1 and OpenAL. Now I got this error and I'm kinda stuck https://pastebin.com/1DWitqGB
    I'm using Visual Studio Community 2017, Win10
    In connection.h take READ and WRITE_TIMEOUT out of enum:
    static const int READ_TIMEOUT;
    static const int WRITE_TIMEOUT;
    and initialize them under includes in connection.cpp
    const int Connection::READ_TIMEOUT = 30;
    const int Connection::WRITE_TIMEOUT = 30;
    another possibility is to make them a macro with #define READ_TIMEOUT 30 etc

    Considering this error in MacOS platform, openAL is not downloaded, it is already provided by the OS, however, the path isn't equal than the other Unix OS, a possible fix for this error message is changing #include <AL/al.h> to #include <OpenAL/al.h>, however is there a way that a can link it the correct way, or is it ok to create conditionals declarations to verify if it is MacOS to include from another path...

    [ 6%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/otclient.dir/src/framework/core/adaptativeframecounter.cpp.o
    In file included from /Users/jonhy/Desktop/otclient/src/framework/luafunctions.cpp:38:
    In file included from /Users/jonhy/Desktop/otclient/src/framework/../framework/sound/soundmanager.h:26:
    /Users/jonhy/Desktop/otclient/src/framework/../framework/sound/declarations.h:30:10: fatal error:
    'AL/al.h' file not found

    include <AL/al.h>


    [ 7%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/otclient.dir/src/framework/core/asyncdispatcher.cpp.o

    Adriel Santos
    Hello, who is responsible for the reps wiki page?
    Everyone can make changes to provide new information in the Wiki page, if you want to include some new information, you can do it yourself :)
    Adriel Santos
    nice, tks
    I'm in!
    Felipe Pelá
    Edu, boa tarde. Tenho uma fábrica de software e gostaríamos de utilizar o seu Client para um projeto. Podemos conversar privado: 11 9 9186 2946
    hey im completely new at this anyone think they can help a little
    @felipepela_gitlab Otclient is made available under the MIT License, thus this means that you are free to do whatever you want, commercial, non-commercial, closed or open. (Otclient está disponivel sobre a licensa MIT, portanto, você está livre para fazer o que desejar com o codigo, comercializa-lo ou não, fechar o codigo ou não.).
    LNK1181 cannot open input file 'libeay32.lib' Can somebody help me?
    guess not?
    Konrad Kuśnierz
    What OpenSSL version do you use? Since version 1.1.0 OpenSSL have changed library names from libeay32 to libcrypto and ssleay32 to libssl. So make sure you link against them (linker options).
    Okay thank you, possible to update to 12.00 protocol?
    Konrad Kuśnierz
    At the moment unlikely, unless someone finds some time to work on it.

    Hey guys, I had to change the "lua.h" etc to "luajit/lua.h", would it be possible for you to update it on git hub for us noobs?
    Since I'm now stuck on LINK libeay32.lib, I have no idea how to fix that as I'm completely new to source coding.

    Updating the tutorial aswell would be truly awesome, please! :)

    A vs17 step-by-step for solving "LNK1181 cannot open input file 'libeay32.lib'" would be awesome!
    I see that Iryont wrote something about changing it to libcrypto. But I have no idea how I would go about it. I do have the libs downloaded.
    Henrique Faria
    i'm having the same problem with LINK lebeay32.lib, did anyone found the solution?