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Repo info
    Konrad Kuśnierz
    Additional dependiences, open it and make a proper adjustment to lib naming like I said before.
    Henrique Faria
    thank you, it compiled that way, but the application is not executing :(
    probably I did something wrong
    look the changes I did
    1) I'm using the luajit, because there is no lua 5.2 version available to install by vcpkg
    Henrique Faria
    2) I changed these marked lua methods, because the methods "lua_setfenv" and "lua_getfenv" does not exists
    Henrique Faria
    well, now worked, finally
    the problem was with my step 2
    now im using luajit on this file too\
    ;D thank you very much for the help, Konrad
    Henrique Faria
    @henriquesdfaria Thanks, I have changed like you wrote, but i have still problem with linker. I have no idea what is wrong with my visual studio 2019, but i cannot change the additional dependecies, even if I add new names it doesnt solve the problem, because it is still somewhere in the macros...
    Guys, anyone would help? This shit is driving me crazy. 😵😫
    Ok, I have found the place where they are stored. They are in otclient/vc14/settings.props
    Jonathas Rodrigues
    @Eremce just change libeay32 .lib to libssl.lib in otclient/vc14/settings.props file. Since version 1.1.0 OpenSSL have changed their library names from: libeay32 -> libcrypto ssleay32 -> libssl
    Martin Dominguez
    Hi, do you know how I could make the npcs work? I speak to the npc and the trade channel does not open and neither does the channel to continue traveling on ships.
    Marcelo Trylesinski
    Hey guys, someone knows which callback should I use to get messages like "Critical"? I don't find any that suit my needs.
    anyone know a function for kill windows in left panel if i close it in options?
    does anyone know where i can find some open source otserver compatible with the latest version of otc?
    Nathan Struth
    Personally I use https://github.com/TwistedScorpio/Nostalrius for 7.72 server.

    thank you, it compiled that way, but the application is not executing :(

    the same happens to me, and I already made the changes in getEnv

    Paulo Dalmas
    hi guys.. I'm starting with the otclient now
    I'm running with docker.. how can I execute de client on linux?