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May 2015
May 12 2015 19:27

Hi Tom,

Nice talking to you earlier today!

Hope you can help me with this:

Until now I have been creating flows in the following way, like described in the Tutorial/docs.

`private static Configuration mongoConfiguration = new MongoConfiguration()

private static Configuration configuration = mongoConfiguration;

private static WorkflowEngine engine = configuration.getWorkflowEngine();

Workflow workflow = new Workflow()

<zip define workflow here in Java>

workflow.sourceWorkflowId = "A unique workflow Id";

TriggerInstance trigger = new TriggerInstance().sourceWorkflowId("A unique workflow Id");

On the trigger object I set data that was used in the workflow.

Now I understood the preferred way to deploy/execute flows was via the REST api (ie http://localhost:9999/deploy & /start & /message)

Now I want to convert my Java Workflow into a JSON object that I can post to the rest api /deploy url.

Simply serializing the workflow object to json and posting it to /deploy endpoint does not work, here a bpmn-style json object is expected.

Question 1: Is there a simple way to convert the Workflow object to json? I looked at the 'example'. But here the com.effektif.workflow.impl.json.JsonStreamMapper and the com.effektif.server.EffektifJsonProvider are used in a way specific for the Jersey implementation (I prefer using jboss rest-easy) and both these classes are not in the API module but in the effektif-workflow-impl and effektif-server modules.

Question 2: Do you have a document describing the rest api? (and preferably an example)

Question 3: What is the /message api endpoint used for / how is it used? (havent looked too deep into this yet but I'm asking questions now anyway :-))

May 12 2015 19:39
Sorry for the mess, I was struggling with the markdown and couldnt edit the message anymore