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Feb 2016
Feb 08 2016 19:40
In the script task i can read form data, that's super easy. Now, is there a way to read email data if the process starts with an email?
Is there a way to store a variable from a script task and have it accessible by a following task, example: i set a variable in a script task and then i add this value to a row in a google spreadsheet..
Peter Hilton
Feb 08 2016 21:06
At the moment, the script task doesn’t have access to the mail. This is because Email, File and User variables only store an ID. What's needed is a way to use this ID to fetch the object from the backend. We’re about to start working on this; today I was looking at what the script task needs to be able to make the API request.
As for the second question, a script task can update one of the variables that is mapped on the configuration panel in the process editor - you can read as well as write these values.
create variable.png
Use this field to create a new variable: select a type, enter a name and click the Create button. You can then use this variable in a subsequent task, such as Add row to sheet.