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Feb 2016
Feb 09 2016 08:07
many thanks
Feb 09 2016 08:54
Just noticed that the map to the add row sheet works only for variables that are of type "text" . that's why i was not able to do it at the beginning, i was using a money variable.
Peter Hilton
Feb 09 2016 09:04
Ah, right. That's a temporary limitation, obviously. We’ll be replacing that with a mechanism where you can use any variable. For now, you could use a script task to copy the money variable’s amount and currency into text variables, for use on the sheet. If you get the number format right, the sheet can have number cells in that column.
Christian Wiggert
Feb 09 2016 09:06
pro tip: you can use spreadsheet formulas =3 + 4 as the row values
Feb 09 2016 10:14