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Repo info
    Muhammad Abubakar
    waiting for responsE?
    Akash Dash
    @muhammad-abubakar From Preferences>Sharing>Add , then select your folder to share
    Can anyone help? I've tried to compile from source, but always get the error Could not find a package configuration file provided by "Qt5LinguistTools"
    with any of the following names:
    Boris Pek
    Web UI have been moved into separate git repo:
    Boris Pek
    @Shiggity1_twitter , @MarkTabnerWeb_twitter Why you haven't tried the passive mode for beginning? Other connection settings are more difficult in setup for typical user. Also they may not work due to features of your network configuration. For example, I know few Internet providers who filter all UDP traffic, so in that networks even white IPv4 addresses will not help to get search results in active mode.
    Boris Pek
    *all UDP traffic to the Internet. In local network all works fine, but there are very few DC++ users there...
    Boris Pek
    Web UI requests of searching of files and adding files to download queue are fixed now.
    is there any doc for script writing in DC++
    Hi! Is Eiskalt a 64 bit application?
    Sumitro Bhaumik
    Hey, does this support web view?
    That is, can I check the status of my downloads via a browser?
    Denis Chenu
    Hi, I just have a question about release. Current Fedora version are 2.2.10 release
    But there are some needed patch in master (eiskaltdcpp/eiskaltdcpp@a9c136c)
    A new release for a 2.3 for example ?
    hi everybody
    anyone up ?
    looks pretty dead
    Hey are you able to compile it from AUR ?
    David Melik
    my problem was people misconfigured hubs... no more questions for now
    was ist dieses eiskalt?
    also ich kenne nur werner eiskallt ;)
    ich hab jetzt die README gelesen und weiß immer noch nicht was es ist
    was kann man mit dem teil fernsteuern?
    what is a DCHub??
    I used DC++ some years ago with windows. Now I installed it on my MAC. I have been recognized immediatelly but can't browse any seeder. What is wrong?
    Lee Hughes


    what is the terminal command for installing this in Arch Linux? manjaro to be specific, using pacman

    Eytan Bernet
    Anyone here?
    Noah Stephen Haskell
    Hello, I was wondering about the development status of the webui and if the default client uses the daemon as a backend so a webui could connect to it or it could connect to an external daemon. I don't see any information about it in the settings
    Hey guys, can any one explain me exactly how I'm supposed to go about installing this from github? I'm currently using an older version of which I found a dmg online (I use a MacBook)
    привет девочки
    How do I share a folder?
    Can anyone help with sharing a external drive, it's not appearing in sharing to be able to click sharing
    Nevermind figured it out
    @4GadgetMan_twitter How did you do it ?
    @WidderTwanky_twitter Plugged in usb seagate drive
    Thanks. I'm trying to use a NAS drive though
    Can anyone help with sharing a external drive, it's not appearing in sharing to be able to click sharing! @4GadgetMan_twitter If you figured it out can you share bro?
    Ok I see what u did but that isn't helping.
    Doesn't see the 3 USB drives with all my Shares
    OK I figured it out. Go to the folder u want, click on properties to get it's path and past that in. Seems to work!
    Boris Pek
    EiskaltDC++ 2.4.0 is released.
    Hello Boris. Thanks. Compile for Raspberry and work fine. Need pass -DUSE_QT_QML=OFF disable because Qt5DeclarativeConfig.cmake is unavailable under raspbian distro.
    Rowy Browne
    thanks for the new version! i've been running a 5yo Ubuntu packaged version, and it doesn't really work.... this version seems to be working as expected!
    Boris Pek
    New killer feature in EiskaltDC++: Secretary widget. It reads open chats instead of user and finds interesting messages. For example, messages with magnet links or messages with keywords.
    Anyone interested may test it in latest devel build.