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Repo info
    Storme Briscoe
    Hey everyone, I am attempting to get panda js running . I have installed node and the panda tool. I ran panda build on the panda.js-engine-master directory and it did produce a game.min.js file. However, when I try to run any file I just a black screen. Are there any steps I am missing? Beforehand I was simply able to do panda server and it came up fine, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore with the new panda tool.
    Storme Briscoe
    Oh, it actually is running
    However, it seems Windows 7 is having issues showing images
    I took all the asset stuff away, and changed the background color
    It worked
    however, once I uncommented the addAsset line it broke :/
    Storme Briscoe
    Figured it out
    I wasn't running a local instance of node :/
    Hey everyone
    how to use the panda-toolkit ? did you have the document for using.
    how to use the [options] parameter?

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