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Repo info

    Hello, so ive been able to install banshee. Have the web ui up. Also installed statsd and statsd-banshee. Configured statsd to use banshee backend ( Deviation from docs. Had to do
    backends: ['statsd-banshee'],
    bansheeHost: 'localhost',
    bansheePort: 2015,
    instead of
    , backends: ['statsd-banshee']
    , bansheeHost: 'localhost'
    , bansheePort: 2015

    I can see " 8 Nov 15:27:09 - DEBUG: sent to banshee 1 metrics" in my statsd
    But nothing shows up in banshee web interface.

    Maybe im sending in wrong format?

    Have tried a couple of different, but ex
    echo "foo 1478594019 3.0\n" | nc -u -w0 8125

    Any advise on simple client, or if there is debug in banshee, or something else you know usually messes up?

    Also trying directly to banshee with: echo "foo 1478595673 5.0" | nc -w0 2015
    get: INFO 2016-11-08 15:59:36 detector/detector.go:95 conn established
    INFO 2016-11-08 15:59:36 detector/detector.go:115 conn disconnected
    Sen Yang
    Hi guys, I really appreciate your work here, I think it's quite inspiring, especially the detailed docs helps me a lot! I'd like to do some donation to express my gratitude, is there any way to achieve this?