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    Alli-Balogun Faruq
    Hi Guys. I am new to Element UI and it is pretty amazing! Please How do I get ID of a clicked row in a table?
    Liwen S
    @xiGUAwanOU looks nice

    Hey :wave:

    I'm struggling to add a "+" button next to a tab (https://element.eleme.io/#/fr-FR/component/tabs#style-carte )

    I'd like to have a button allowing me to add a new tab, right next to the other tabs, but I can't figure how to do it :/

    I tried using this <el-tab-pane label="+" name="Plus" @tab-click="addTab(editableTabsValue)"/> , with the addTab method from the element exemple
    I also used a button, but it doesn't stick next to the tabs
    did it :
    Used a new <el tab pane> with "plus" for name and "+" for label.
    Added a @tab-click in the el tabs, and in the action, if tab.name is "plus" , I add a new tab
    Marc Ruemekorf

    Hey everybody, I've been playing around with Element UI's custom validation in a multi-step form but I'm having a hard time getting it working correctly. Triggering a validation method on the first field on step 1 triggers the validators on all the first fields of the following steps even though I set up different functions and rules for each.

    The validators currently only check if the input has a value so they're fairly straightforward. Here's an example of one of the validation functions with the corresponding rules:

    const validateLocation = (rule, value, callback) => {
        if (!value) {
            return callback(new Error('Please enter a location'));
    locationAddFormRules: {
        location: [
            { validator: validateLocation, trigger: 'blur'}
        street: [
            { validator: validateStreet, trigger: 'blur'}
        email: [
            { validator: validateEmail, trigger: 'blur'}

    The other fields all have similar validators but with different error messages. Also it seems to only trigger the first fields. So if I activate the validator on the first field on step 1 I'll see the same error under the first field on the following steps. Could it have anything to do with the steps (made with v-if="step-[#]" inside the form?

    Hope anyone here can help me find the issue!

    Hi guys! Just a simple question : Can i make element components (like tabs) sticky with only css (position: sticky)? I tried but it not seems to work, so i don't know if i made something wrong.
    how to add custom transitions in el-popover.. Thanks in advance.
    Hello to creators of Element-UI. Do I have chances to get merged for PR containing responsivity functionality for el-menu if I create one? This is very essential feature even for desktop, in case of small window size el-menu doesn't fit :( Cast @island205
    Gregory Brown
    Hello people... I've been playing with el-menu and el-submenu - When I try to create a Dynamic submenu, I've been getting a "Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded." on the console (even though things seem to work OK).
    Is there something I'm missing?
    @bugzbrown That error has nothing to do with Element UI. You've created an infinite loop somewhere quite possibly by having an identical name somewhere. Take a look here: vuejs/vue#4562
    Momin Riyadh
    Can I achieve this UI style through element tab?
    Momin Riyadh
    Basically Styling ?
    Ella Sherilyn Ramos
    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding Select, I have a form in a modal. The select has a default readonly attribute, so when the modal appears, the Select is readonly, how to not have that behavior? I hope that makes sense, thank you!
    Here's what it looks like:
    <input type="text" readonly="readonly" autocomplete="off" placeholder="Select" class="el-input__inner">
    Hello, as I can see, element-ui are not maintained well. Can I become a maintainer to support project in my free time?
    @ella_sherilyn_twitter I think you have disabled el-select
    Read this one https://element.eleme.io/#/en-US/component/select#disabled-select
    Question to all.
    Could you tell how to extend elements-ui component?
    Trying to extend Loading-component
    @Fedor19 I don't think there is an easy way to extend it, unless using it's own slots. Probably you have to modify it's code directly, which is allowed by license AFAIK
    @georgyfarniev thanks for reply.
    good day, people! someone knows some way to limit the area of collapse header? I have several links in collapse header, when I click in links it close my collapse item, how can i handle this situation?
    @lwxbr I think I solved this issue somehow, it was something like attaching @click.stop event handler to inner element if my memory contains correct data :)
    @pavelexpertov haha, I was so slow to response.
    Yes, there is a way to assign a keyboard button event (like 'Enter' button) , but not el-button. You can do this with form submit event
    @georgyfarniev, thank you!
    @georgyfarniev, I cant't achieve it, could you show me a example in codepen or codesandbox, please?
    @georgyfarniev, i did achieve that creating another component with el-collapse-item, i found a bug in collapse-transitions.js, in the exportation of class they have a property like {on: new Transition() } and that make the transitions didn't work, so i had to call the methods separately and put in on property.
    Gideon King
    Missing tables I'm trying to update a project to the latest version of Element. It works fine up to v2.9.0, but none of my tables show from v2.9.1 on. Seems that it renders once only, before it calculates the columns, so generates a table with the right number of rows but without any columns and therefore zero height. I see that others have had this problem in different environments but I haven't found a solution that fixes it for me. The project is created with Vue-CLI. Any clues on a fix for this?
    Nigel Dewar
    Hi All, This is my first post here, please go easy on me. :-) How does Element-UI compare against somelike material design? Im keen to know for those who have used both
    Vân Long
    hi guys, anyone know how to use element-ui input with jsx?
    I'm using vue & jsx, but got many troubles in data binding to element input form
    Patrick Lee
    how to use el-scrollbar..?
    @nigel-dewar as for me, Element-UI is easer to customize. You need to compare default framework styles and abilites with your design first.
    Can anyone help me? I need to close el-dialog with onmouseup event, by default it`s onmousedown.
    Found solution here
    Smirnov Sergey
    Hi guys! Does anyone know about compatibility of Cordova and Elrment.UI ??
    Erik Wiesenthal
    Hello all, is there any page with themes for Element.js? I like https://element.eleme.io/#/es/theme but I'm looking for already generated ones. Any resource to check?
    Hi guys, please create new release of element asap, I need recent fixes related to typescript 3.7 and SSR (table header)
    @ukking90 just import it from it's path, install with Vue.use and then just use it :) LMK if it help, otherwise I will create example for you
    anyone knows if Element has memory leak? or memory cost a lot?
    Hey guys
    does anybody know a way to switch between the default chalk-theme and a custom theme created by theme roller on demand based on user input(the custom theme is a dark mode )tnx in advance.
    @JeffTheMoreTech never noticed it. Did you found memory leaks?
    @migueling you could use this code to insert it manualy as an option: this.headers.unshift({
    label: 'select All',
    value: -1
    @migueling instead of 'headers' use your array name
    hey guys , i want to update the select options after change the value of another select component, although the values of array has updated but the select component show the previous value until i click it. is there any soloutionto solve this?