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    Hey all, my translations aren't working for the datepicker month.

    hey all! need desperate help with an issue I'm experiencing using el-select with objects as values. for some reason, even though I have provided a value-key to indicate the unique property on each object, the dropdown shows every option as active and the select display shows the last label in the list...even though the v-model is working and the actual functionality is fine

    template: https://pastebin.com/fXdS2dZ4

    the objects look like this: { Name: string, id: string } where id is a unique string.

    link to a screen shot of the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r4vycrx5hq0asas/Screen%20Shot%202020-02-06%20at%2012.10.24%20PM.png?dl=0

    in the example, the "delivery_test" object is actually selected as shown by the title above the select, but the dropdown shows "100 logs" and highlights all the options (other than the first option, whose value is null)
    jeez, i'm dumb. the solution was that I had the value-key property on the option-group instead of the select component. that fixed it. womp womp.

    Hello everyone.
    Please, can someone tell me the element release cycle?
    How often do updates make?

    Thank You

    Dinarte Jesus
    Hello everyone, I'm currently having some challenge with El-Select. How you handle when you've v-model receiving an object? @ericsartor
    I tried using the value-key but no success.
    Satoru Kikuchi

    Hi, everyone, I have a question about el-date-picker’s disabledDate.
    I would like to know how to execute disabledDate just after users choose a date in the first choice.

    If users choose the future date in choice, I would like to disable the date before today(So users can choose only the date before today in seconde choice)

    Phillipp Ohlandt
    hello, is there a built-in way to place the submit (or any) button next to a text input field? the inline form setting is not an option in my case.
    Mauro Crociara
    HI all
    When I copy/paste the form show on documentation all items are displayed in middle and some elements are not inline. What I'm missing?
    maybe the snippet is not correct?
    Mauro Crociara
    Solved, thanks anyway
    Hello! I have a problem with the async-validator . I want it to be fired ONLY when user clicks submit, but I cannot manage to do so. Instead, everytime user leaves a field, its validator is fired :-(
    After dllplugin, the element UI table cannot be used normally. Who has ever encountered such a situation
    Who knows how to solve this problem
    Pavel Svitek
    Hi all. I'm considering using ElementUI. I'm searching for a browser compatibility information. Is it compatible with IE11? Thanks!
    Sergey Poprovka
    Hey! Trying to use Element framework and have a quick question. Did somebody tried to use Upload component with predefined values? Like the image after page reload from local storage for example?
    Hi guys, can someone help me to attach action on keypress.native.tab to saving current text in el-select input for creation new tag. It works very well on 'enter', but i need to do same action on 'tab'. Any ideas?
    Gökhan Taşkan
    Hello guys, I have a problem. I'm using a la carte Element kit. After adding "Vue.prototype.$notify = Notification;" to the main.js , when the page is initially loaded, an empty notification shows up on the top right corner. How can I stop that issue? Regards
    Gökhan Taşkan
    Okay I found the solution. I added "Vue.use(Notification);" to the file but it causes an empty initial notification. Just import Notification from "element-ui" and add "Vue.prototype.$notify = Notification;"
    Guelade Kevin
    Hello guys ,
    Guelade Kevin
    someone could help me ?
    Ivo Kuzov

    I need help.

    I am using Laravel and trying to use custom theme but cant achieve it

    In the app.js I have following:

    window.ElementUI = require('element-ui');
    import '../sass/element-variables.scss';

    the element-variables.scss contains following:

    / theme color /
    $--color-primary: #72C02C;

    //If I import this, it goes in the first <style> tag but then is ovverriden by the default theme again
    //@import '~element-ui/lib/theme-chalk/index.css';
    How I can override the default theme

    I call method it is process how to show loading with progress percent?
    Phillipp Ohlandt

    hello, i have a form with two el-autocomplete inputs. both of them have validation rules but only the first is validated and therefore it marks the form as valid even though the second one has no content.
    here is my markup:

                el-form(ref="labelForm" :inline="true" :model="labelFormData" :rules="labelFormRules" @submit.native.prevent.stop="addFilter")
                    el-autocomplete(v-model="labelFormData.labelKey" placeholder="name" #prefix :fetch-suggestions="labelKeyAutocomplete")
                    el-autocomplete(v-model="labelFormData.labelValue" placeholder="value" #prefix :fetch-suggestions="labelValueAutocomplete")
                    g-button(type="primary" native-type="submit") Add

    can someone tell me whats going on and how to fix that? both inputs just have the required rule. if i switch the order of the inputs in the markup, then the other one gets validated. so only the first in the markup gets validated and the second one is ignored.

    Phillipp Ohlandt
    oh, interesting. i got another form on the page and if i remove that, then it works
    they somehow seem to be connected, even though they have different ref names
    have added a key prop to each form with the same name as the ref and that worked
    Damiano Stoffie
    Hello everyone! I have some unit tests that are failing, me and my colleague think is because the test is having some problems with the component <el-select>, otherwise everything is working as expected, and outside of the test everything is fine. We also found that the lates release in the changelog has the voice "Fix select test cases", we tried upgrading to the latest version but nothing. Here is the complete log of the error https://nopaste.linux-dev.org/?1297318
    For the meantime we are downgrading to a <select> component
    Taiga Nakayama
    Hello, does anyone know why the development is recently inactive?
    Have devs quit the project?
    Does anyone know how I can extend the rules for el-forms to custom elements? I'm currently using vue-google-autocomplete within a form for adding addresses, and rules obviously don't extend to it because it's not an el-input. I've tried adding the same classes thinking that might work. Any ideas?
    <el-form-item label="Your Address" prop="address" required>
              classname="form-control el-input__inner"
              placeholder="Please type your address"
    Hi all, can anyone tell me if it is possible to keep your selection while changing pages on <el-table>?
    anyone know what fonts Element uses for its font icons
    and where I can get the SVG
    versions of them
    Pranav Chaudhari
    Does anyone know how I can update the data of any particular row of el-table?
    CRUD (update) operations with dynamic data!
    @JoshuaeKaiser how are you using Element? If you've installed through npm, you'll likely find the fonts within the theme-chalk folder of the lib. What are you hoping to do with the icons if I can ask?
    Hi everyone. I have a problem when use el-radio . I want disable text-color default of Radio when button is active. Can people give me a suggestion to solve this problem, tks
    hey Dave
    Dave Croft
    hey Bill