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    Taiga Nakayama
    Have devs quit the project?
    Does anyone know how I can extend the rules for el-forms to custom elements? I'm currently using vue-google-autocomplete within a form for adding addresses, and rules obviously don't extend to it because it's not an el-input. I've tried adding the same classes thinking that might work. Any ideas?
    <el-form-item label="Your Address" prop="address" required>
              classname="form-control el-input__inner"
              placeholder="Please type your address"
    Hi all, can anyone tell me if it is possible to keep your selection while changing pages on <el-table>?
    anyone know what fonts Element uses for its font icons
    and where I can get the SVG
    versions of them
    Pranav Chaudhari
    Does anyone know how I can update the data of any particular row of el-table?
    CRUD (update) operations with dynamic data!
    @JoshuaeKaiser how are you using Element? If you've installed through npm, you'll likely find the fonts within the theme-chalk folder of the lib. What are you hoping to do with the icons if I can ask?
    Hi everyone. I have a problem when use el-radio . I want disable text-color default of Radio when button is active. Can people give me a suggestion to solve this problem, tks
    hey Dave
    Dave Croft
    hey Bill
    Slider disabled 为true 的时候为什么 el-tooltip 的 tabindex 不是 -1
    我怎么 才能 实现 Slider disabled 的 防止 tab 键切换 焦点的到 disabled
    Momin Riyadh
    I'm facing a problem populate data from API in elements tab components
      <el-tabs @tab-click="handleClick">
                  <el-tab-pane label="2019">
                    <div class="row">
                      <div class="financial-areas align-items-center">
                        <div class="sq-financial-report" v-for="report in reports">
                          <img class="img-fluid" :src="report.imageurl" alt="square group">
                          <div class="sq-f-report-caption text-center mt-3">
                            <h4> {{report.title}}</h4>
                  <el-tab-pane label="2018">
                    <div class="row">
                      <div class="financial-areas align-items-center">
                        <div class="sq-financial-report">
                          <!--                      <img class="img-fluid" src="../assets/images/nopreview.jpg" alt="square group">-->
                          <h1 class="display-2">No preview available!</h1>
                  <el-tab-pane label="2017">
                    <h1 class="display-2">No preview available!</h1>
    Pantheron Leo
    Hello, I just realised that the icons provided are limited. May I know how we can add other icons library like font awesome into the project? Thanks =)
    Pranav Chaudhari
    Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 1.31.20 PM.png
    Hello, is there any way in which I can show this response message in <el-alert>?
    Hi. I want upload file use el-upload. However, I want to upload via http-request. Can you give me an example of using http-request and auto-load = false
    Mauro Crociara
    Hi all :D
    Christos Giannouris
    Hi does sb have faced this issue TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
    with el-autocomplete? i found sth here....i have the same issue exactly ElemeFE/element#19281
    Eduardo Espinosa
    Is there a simple way to change theme colors at runtime? or what about this feature request ElemeFE/element#14796
    Glen Little
    The files available on unpkg (e.g. https://unpkg.com/browse/element-ui@2.13.1/lib/locale/lang/en.js) now seem to assume that "exports" exists.
    How do I get a copy of en.js that can be used directly in a browser?
    Found a different version here (https://unpkg.com/browse/element-ui@2.13.1/src/locale/lang/en.js) but it doesn't work either.
    Glen Little
    Konstantin Belkin
    Hi, why popconfirm element does not disappear from DOM?
    if I use this in the table I will have 50-100 elements
    Johnny Cavalcante
    Hello! Is there a way to change color of element theme dynamically? Exactly how is done here: https://element.eleme.io/#/en-US/theme/preview?
    Pablo Schonwiesner
    hi. I want to use my own css in scoped component to modify a style. how to select .el-collapse-item__header to change the font style. don't work
    Ufuk Çakıoğlu
    hello, element ui el-date-picker component is used in many parts of my project and i can't change the first day of the week. it happens when I want to add them all one by one, but there are too many I can't do one by one. How can I do in main.js?
    Thibaut Miquel
    Hello ! Why @mouseenter and @mouseleave don't work on el-button elements while they work on standard DOM elements (may not be restricted to these two events and this Element-UI component)
    2 replies
    Matt Benson

    hello all, I've got an app that uses Element-UI fairly successfully, but now I want to add loading spinners while retrieving data. Based on the simplest example from the manual, my opening table element is now:

    <el-table v-loading="loading" stripe :data="summary" :header-row-style="hide">

    and I've added loading: true to the result of my data() function, but I still do not see the spinner. Can anyone see/think of any obvious mistake I've made? Do I need to import/use Loading when using in this manner?

    1 reply
    I'm currently on v2.12.0 but can try an upgrade
    Matt Benson
    yep, no change with 2.13.2
    Matt Benson
    for additional context, <el-table> is nested beneath the <el-main> of an <el-container>. I have now also tried setting v-loading="loading" on the <el-main> instead, but still to no avail.
    Matt Benson
    tried the as-a-service approach which seems to work
    Matt Benson
    and just learned from https://github.com/ElemeFE/element/issues/15629#issuecomment-618257045 that I did in fact need to Vue.use(Loading)
    Gökhan Taşkan
    How can I use date picker as a week picker? The value format is not giving [string, string]
    format="Week WW"
    is not working as expected
    Phillipp Ohlandt
    hello. is there a way to use the form validation in code and not as part of a form?
    Hi, is there any way to get updated Sketch files for designers? Thanks
    Hi, who know how to get instance to popper.js that use popover component from element-ui? Or how to programatically update popover <el-popover>
    Edouard-Stefanita Andrei
    Hi everyone, does anybody have any idea how to close the image preview gallery when clicking outside of the image and not necessarily on the close button?