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    Slider disabled 为true 的时候为什么 el-tooltip 的 tabindex 不是 -1
    我怎么 才能 实现 Slider disabled 的 防止 tab 键切换 焦点的到 disabled
    Momin Riyadh
    I'm facing a problem populate data from API in elements tab components
      <el-tabs @tab-click="handleClick">
                  <el-tab-pane label="2019">
                    <div class="row">
                      <div class="financial-areas align-items-center">
                        <div class="sq-financial-report" v-for="report in reports">
                          <img class="img-fluid" :src="report.imageurl" alt="square group">
                          <div class="sq-f-report-caption text-center mt-3">
                            <h4> {{report.title}}</h4>
                  <el-tab-pane label="2018">
                    <div class="row">
                      <div class="financial-areas align-items-center">
                        <div class="sq-financial-report">
                          <!--                      <img class="img-fluid" src="../assets/images/nopreview.jpg" alt="square group">-->
                          <h1 class="display-2">No preview available!</h1>
                  <el-tab-pane label="2017">
                    <h1 class="display-2">No preview available!</h1>
    Pantheron Leo
    Hello, I just realised that the icons provided are limited. May I know how we can add other icons library like font awesome into the project? Thanks =)
    Pranav Chaudhari
    Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 1.31.20 PM.png
    Hello, is there any way in which I can show this response message in <el-alert>?
    Hi. I want upload file use el-upload. However, I want to upload via http-request. Can you give me an example of using http-request and auto-load = false
    Mauro Crociara
    Hi all :D
    Christos Giannouris
    Hi does sb have faced this issue TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
    with el-autocomplete? i found sth here....i have the same issue exactly ElemeFE/element#19281
    Eduardo Espinosa
    Is there a simple way to change theme colors at runtime? or what about this feature request ElemeFE/element#14796
    Glen Little
    The files available on unpkg (e.g. https://unpkg.com/browse/element-ui@2.13.1/lib/locale/lang/en.js) now seem to assume that "exports" exists.
    How do I get a copy of en.js that can be used directly in a browser?
    Found a different version here (https://unpkg.com/browse/element-ui@2.13.1/src/locale/lang/en.js) but it doesn't work either.
    Glen Little
    Konstantin Belkin
    Hi, why popconfirm element does not disappear from DOM?
    if I use this in the table I will have 50-100 elements
    Johnny Cavalcante
    Hello! Is there a way to change color of element theme dynamically? Exactly how is done here: https://element.eleme.io/#/en-US/theme/preview?
    Pablo Schonwiesner
    hi. I want to use my own css in scoped component to modify a style. how to select .el-collapse-item__header to change the font style. don't work
    Ufuk Çakıoğlu
    hello, element ui el-date-picker component is used in many parts of my project and i can't change the first day of the week. it happens when I want to add them all one by one, but there are too many I can't do one by one. How can I do in main.js?
    Thibaut Miquel
    Hello ! Why @mouseenter and @mouseleave don't work on el-button elements while they work on standard DOM elements (may not be restricted to these two events and this Element-UI component)
    2 replies
    Matt Benson

    hello all, I've got an app that uses Element-UI fairly successfully, but now I want to add loading spinners while retrieving data. Based on the simplest example from the manual, my opening table element is now:

    <el-table v-loading="loading" stripe :data="summary" :header-row-style="hide">

    and I've added loading: true to the result of my data() function, but I still do not see the spinner. Can anyone see/think of any obvious mistake I've made? Do I need to import/use Loading when using in this manner?

    1 reply
    I'm currently on v2.12.0 but can try an upgrade
    Matt Benson
    yep, no change with 2.13.2
    Matt Benson
    for additional context, <el-table> is nested beneath the <el-main> of an <el-container>. I have now also tried setting v-loading="loading" on the <el-main> instead, but still to no avail.
    Matt Benson
    tried the as-a-service approach which seems to work
    Matt Benson
    and just learned from https://github.com/ElemeFE/element/issues/15629#issuecomment-618257045 that I did in fact need to Vue.use(Loading)
    Gökhan Taşkan
    How can I use date picker as a week picker? The value format is not giving [string, string]
    format="Week WW"
    is not working as expected
    Phillipp Ohlandt
    hello. is there a way to use the form validation in code and not as part of a form?
    Hi, is there any way to get updated Sketch files for designers? Thanks
    Hi, who know how to get instance to popper.js that use popover component from element-ui? Or how to programatically update popover <el-popover>
    Edouard-Stefanita Andrei
    Hi everyone, does anybody have any idea how to close the image preview gallery when clicking outside of the image and not necessarily on the close button?
    Hello, some any el component like masked input ?
    Hey, quick question - how can I change font globally for all ElementUI components?
    Keionne Derousselle

    Hi. I don't know where's the appropriate place to pose this question. If this isn't the place, let me know :)

    My company is working on developing a component library that we can use across our different brands and divisions. Our users are physicians and healthcare providers and primarily use our application in clinics and hospitals. That means that we have a large use case for supporting IE11. I was wondering what tools/frameworks you use to test your components across browsers. Do you perform visual regression testing? Do you test the components manually on different browsers and devices?

    Is it possible to add a custom progress bar on el-upload element? When yes, how is it possible?

    Hi guys!

    I have a theme on vue build on top of elemet-ui. Trying to customize classes through scss, but once I change scss it seems not applied to the elements.

    Could you guide me how to do it please?

    Towry Wang
    Why there is so many questions nobody answer and so many people keep asking.

    Hi guys.
    I tried to use VueJS el-radio-button, but my data not updated.

    <el-radio-group v-model="formData.sort" size="small">
    <el-radio-button :label="$t(translatePath + 'sort1')"></el-radio-button>
    <el-radio-button :label="$t(translatePath + 'sort2')"></el-radio-button>
    <el-radio-button :label="$t(translatePath + 'sort3')"></el-radio-button>

    I checked it with watch property
    watch: {
    'formData.sort' (val) {
    console.log('radio val', val)

    Who can help me?

    Mike Erickson
    Hello, anybody around at the moment?
    How can I change the default strings ala the one above
    In this case, it is the default el-table "no rows"
    Phillipp Ohlandt
    hello, i want to use the multi select functionality (https://element.eleme.io/2.7/#/en-US/component/select#basic-multiple-select) but the values are objects. this does not seem to work well. when i click on an item in the opened dropdown, i get the following log and the item does not appear as little tag inside the input:
    vue.runtime.esm.js:619 [Vue warn]: <transition-group> children must be keyed: <ElTag>
    any ideas what i can do?
    Tran Viet Thang
    Hi, I have a question, I use external styles for element-ui but in the dom tree, element-ui still maintain a <style>...</style> tag at the bottom of the <head> tag. So how can I disable this for completely override styles? Thanks
    Hi I have a question el-transfer: The checkbox is shown centered above the label. In Firefox I can fix this with a float: right. But on edge this is not working... Do I something general wrong? The examples on the element site are working....
    @PhillippOhlandt I believe you have to provide a key to the options, in case you use v-for...