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    Hi guys.
    I tried to use VueJS el-radio-button, but my data not updated.

    <el-radio-group v-model="formData.sort" size="small">
    <el-radio-button :label="$t(translatePath + 'sort1')"></el-radio-button>
    <el-radio-button :label="$t(translatePath + 'sort2')"></el-radio-button>
    <el-radio-button :label="$t(translatePath + 'sort3')"></el-radio-button>

    I checked it with watch property
    watch: {
    'formData.sort' (val) {
    console.log('radio val', val)

    Who can help me?

    Mike Erickson
    Hello, anybody around at the moment?
    How can I change the default strings ala the one above
    In this case, it is the default el-table "no rows"
    Phillipp Ohlandt
    hello, i want to use the multi select functionality (https://element.eleme.io/2.7/#/en-US/component/select#basic-multiple-select) but the values are objects. this does not seem to work well. when i click on an item in the opened dropdown, i get the following log and the item does not appear as little tag inside the input:
    vue.runtime.esm.js:619 [Vue warn]: <transition-group> children must be keyed: <ElTag>
    any ideas what i can do?
    Tran Viet Thang
    Hi, I have a question, I use external styles for element-ui but in the dom tree, element-ui still maintain a <style>...</style> tag at the bottom of the <head> tag. So how can I disable this for completely override styles? Thanks
    Hi I have a question el-transfer: The checkbox is shown centered above the label. In Firefox I can fix this with a float: right. But on edge this is not working... Do I something general wrong? The examples on the element site are working....
    @PhillippOhlandt I believe you have to provide a key to the options, in case you use v-for...
    Hello, could anyone help me? I'm want to synchonize width of el-table header ths and table body tds. But I don't know how to
    @OliverAndersRWE try to share your code in codepen
    Shreya Jalihal
    Hello I updated my old vue js project with version 2 to 3 and since then having issues with element-ui dependencies. error: This dependency was not found:
    vue in ./node_modules/element-ui/lib/element-ui.common.js, ./node_modules/element-ui/lib/tooltip.js and 13 others. Any help would be appreciated thanks :)
    hello, does the ui-element provide vue js 3 support any time soon?
    hello. can you help me to fix el-select proper out-of-boundaries?
    Joe Bat
    can someone help me, I dont understand how to set "label" of tree element
    Hello guys, why i can write different symbols in InputNumber? I think expected behavior it's only numbers
    Guys, i have more questions)
    Does anyone know how to order folders correctly using Element? see this thread https://forum.cloudron.io/post/15887
    How i can open colorpicker from code?
    How open popur of colorpicker from code?
    say please
    In Upload Component, How to resize image before upload ?
    Aung Myo Oo
    hello guys I am searching for xd file for element ui
    Adel Elkhodary
    Hey guys anybody here from the Element UI team the theme download file is damaged https://element.eleme.io/#/en-US/theme/preview
    if someone try to adjust styles and try to download the file then unzip it, it will not work its damaged file
    Minh Phú
    HEllo all, have any way to open date-picker with trigger button outside?
    i using $refs but it fail :(
    Reuk Bundara
    Hello guy! I created issues on element UI about customizing the selected label using html.
    Hello Guys! ElementUI datepicker of type daterange. How to make End date optional?
    Daniel K
    Hello! Anyone knows of to do validation on a Sub Component?
    Вячеслав Белозеров
    Hello everyone. Guys please tell me how to get the form as a whole valid or not on el-form after interacting with any field?
    hi, is there any support for rtl in element-ui?
    Navkirat Singh
    Hi, I am not sure if this question has been asked before. But, do you guys think this is the right time to start a new project from scratch with element-plus?
    Steve Nosse
    Hi !
    I've spotted a little issue with popConfirm. The events are actually "onConfirm" and "onCancel" and not "confirm" and "cancel" as mentionned on the documentation
    Glenn Rudge
    Hi everyone new here, was in search for a UI library for Vue 3 and came across this framework.
    Kudos to all the developers working on this project, looks really cool so far.
    Hey, does element-plus offer a fab speed dial? (A button which can be clicked on which will then show multiple sub buttons next to it)
    Phillipp Ohlandt

    hey. i got a multi select field which is filterable. based on the filter text, i generate the options (adding more options when filter text matches one of the initial options). now i want to propagate the filter input with some text at some point in time and everything should behave as if the user just entered the text (options list opens, filterMethod gets called to update options, etc.) but i have some problems.

    i want to trigger that when someone clicks on the initial options. i dont want the user to select the initial options but convert the clicked option into a filter string (as if the user typed it on its own). via the @input event, i check if the last item is one of the initial options and if it is, i remove it from the selection and want to insert its value as the filter string. but here i run into problems. it removed the item from the selection but when i want to set things like query or previousQuery or trigger handleQueryChange(filterString) on the select component, it gets set back to empty string right afterwards.

    any ideas?
    Hello, can i use bluma with element plus?
    Elsio Sanchez
    Loading in the latest version 1.0.2-beta.51 into my vue3 app. Importing the main chalk theme scss and getting an error compiling the styles. Specifically: Invalid CSS after "...-height: #{math": expected expression (e.g. 1px, bold), was ".div($--input-heigh" on line 142 of node_modules/element-plus/packages/theme-chalk/src/input-number.scss
    Is this a known bug? Does not seem to be an issue using an older version such as 1.0.2-beta.35. Seems the introduction of .math is causing issues
    This is the exact line that causes an issue: line-height: #{math.div($--input-height - 2, 2)};
    For anyone that runs onto the same issue as me. The developers as using sass methods that aren't supported with node-sass. You need to use dart-sass.
    Brandon Wozniewicz
    Trouble with el-autocomplete: Popper results font in Times New Roman; Are there any ideas how to change? I've tried targeting .el-autocomplete-suggestion__list >li without luck.