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Jun 2016
Jack Poulson
Jun 08 2016 03:06
Since several people have voiced objections to private chat via Slack, it's probably a good idea that we have a public gitter as well
Jack Poulson
Jun 08 2016 14:30
I have been thinking that it would be worthwhile to change the README to give a tour of some of the unique functionality in the library (e.g., computing and displaying pseudospectra, fast computation of nonsymmetric eigenvectors, lattice reduction of complex bases via BKZ, and arbitrary-precision sparse Second-Order Cone Programs)
Jeff Hammond
Jun 08 2016 16:10
I don't care about Gitter vs Slack but support the idea of using what the community wants. It's hard for me to keep track of all these different channels, but if you (Jack) can do it, more power to you.
Jed Brown
Jun 08 2016 17:20
I also don't particularly care about Gitter vs Slack, though I find Gitter to be a bit lighter weight and like openness. But I do think that having too many mechanisms just causes dilution, reducing the chance that people will connect and find the community vibrant and supportive. But I'm not very active with Elemental so this comment shouldn't carry much weight.
Jack Poulson
Jun 08 2016 17:21
Sayan was very opposed (and there have been numerous blog posts lamenting open source projects going publicly dark because of internal slack comms)
So don't feel like you need to poll this medium; it is targeted at people perusing github that have a question