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Jun 2016
Jack Poulson
Jun 09 2016 04:56
TIL about HBR and the Chatham House Rules
There is a lot to be said for HBR avoiding a sense of "us" vs. "them"
Jeff Hammond
Jun 09 2016 16:59
Does HBR require Jack to log his internal monologue while developing Elemental? The "no private (substantive) discussions" clause of HBR may place an undue burden upon projects that have a small number (especially one) of contributors. Specific to me, do Sayan and I have to publicly document every substantive design discussion we had about RMAxpy for a related pull request to be in compliance with HBR?
Jack Poulson
Jun 09 2016 21:12
I think HBR is meant to be more of a guiding principle than a hard rule.