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Jul 2016
Yves Ineichen
Jul 13 2016 08:38
Hi all. In order to facilitate our libSkylark build process we were looking into ways to provide an Elemental deb package. One very simple way is to let CMake/CPack take care of that and Travis to build different variations (MPI flavours etc).
One issue that arises is wrt to the external dependencies, i.e. the patched ParMETIS. The Elemental package depends on this specific version but it would not be proper to just ship the lib in the Elemental package (conflict with i.e. Ubuntu provided ParMETIS package). The cleanest approach would be to package all the dependencies as well and put the constraints for that in the Elemental deb information. All these packages could be pushed to ppa. Any opinions/suggestions how this issue can be resolved?
Jack Poulson
Jul 13 2016 14:09
Thanks Yves!
One constraint is that El depends on an extension of ParMETIS
With that said, most users probably would be fine with just the METIS wrappers
I used to have the ParMETIS extension in El and hooked into the ParMETIS internal API, but that caused its own problems
The nuclear option is to rensme the parmetis symbols