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Jul 2016
Yves Ineichen
Jul 14 2016 08:04
Relying on METIS would be fine, as far as I see we can just put the Ubuntu package (libmetis-dev) as a dependency and use -DEL_DISABLE_PARMETIS=ON.. I guess that decision is up to you (I have no preference either way, but this approach is easier to implement).
The dependencies I currently use for the package are set(CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_DEPENDS "libc6 (>= 2.3.1-6), libgcc1 (>= 1:3.4.2-12), libgomp1, mpich, libmpich-dev, libopenblas-dev, liblapack-dev, python-numpy, libmetis-dev") (for the mpich package)
One remaining test is to check if libscalapack-mpi-dev is comparable to the version you pull when building Elemental (?).. Are there any other dependencies we are missing?
Jack Poulson
Jul 14 2016 15:26
Thanks, I think depending on libmetis-dev for now is a good idea; I can leave either adding a prefix to my parmetis modifications or waiting for the long shot of Karypis incorporating the changes I sent later.
As for ScaLAPACK: I fixed a bug in their Aggressive Early Deflation Schur decomposition
and this is the one routine Elemental currently makes use of
(though there are wrappers for benchmarking purposes for several other routines)
So depending upon libscalapack-dev is unfortunately not an option
It would be good to have the MPFR and MPC dependencies, as well as QD
(Everything except for the distributed Schur decomposition now supports float, double, DoubleDouble, QuadDouble, Quad, BigFloat, and their complex variants)