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Jul 2016
Yves Ineichen
Jul 20 2016 06:14
Well we dont use that in libSkylark at the moment (asfaik). The question is more what you would like to see in the merge request. Currently we have a package without ParMETIS that works for us (building libSkylark that is) based on 71fce6e65c065e0b2f993435ca7524db7f54fa6f (which is the latest supported version from the libSkylark side)
To facilitate the build process (users, feasible travis-ci build times) we would appreciate an Elemental deb package at the earliest convenience ;)
Jack Poulson
Jul 20 2016 15:42
We could disable the Aggressive Early Deflation for now
I can try to come up with a workaround
in fact, it might be disable by default because of lingering bugs
so I would say that using the prepackaged ScaLAPACK lib should be fine as long as it uses a compatible MPI