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Oct 2016
Ryan H. Lewis
Oct 14 2016 01:14
@poulson i'm trying to use CLion with Elemental. I'm having a lot of trouble with it. Have you ever tried to use CLion?
Ryan H. Lewis
Oct 14 2016 01:19
is not set to a MacOSX SDK with a recognized version. Either set CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to a valid SDK or set CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to empty.
I tried setting the appropriate value to empty but it does nothing.

I also see:

Warning:Ignoring CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT value:
because the directory does not exist.

And indeed it does not.

Ryan H. Lewis
Oct 14 2016 01:30
Ah I see, Clion bundles cmake, asking it to use the one I use on the command line fixes everything.
Jack Poulson
Oct 14 2016 02:30
I've never seen that error
I briefly tried CLion once
do you think it's a CMake, CLion, or Elemental issue?
Ryan H. Lewis
Oct 14 2016 04:38
Well, I got past that one by asking CLion to use my system cmake instead of the pre-baked on
now I have a problem that the debugger isn't working properly
i think thats because Elemental is overriding the build type
and CLion doesn't set the build type the same way
Jack Poulson
Oct 14 2016 06:29
you can specify the build type
if it is Debug or Release, nothing should be overwritten
Ryan H. Lewis
Oct 14 2016 16:01
right, i think CLion doesn't set the type using the standard way
so what is happening is Elemental somehow overrides the decision CLion makes
im trying to figure it out
.. working on BFGS. I have an initial implementation, trying to get the line searchs
i'm going to start with wolf and strong wolf
and use tag dispatching to provide options.
Ryan H. Lewis
Oct 14 2016 16:07
Hm. Nope. just confirmed CLion is doing the right thing there. must be a bug in Clion or something