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Nov 2016
Jack Poulson
Nov 26 2016 03:41
I'm starting to put together a brief "tour" of the libray here:
And it reminded me that El::LinearSolve and friends should definitely include iterative refinement
Jack Poulson
Nov 26 2016 03:48
Need to create 0.87 branch before adding such functionality
(will push out 0.87.5 today; someone reported 64-bit integer builds breaking and I committed a few fixes)
Ryan H. Lewis
Nov 26 2016 04:14
For a 20 x 20 Hilbert matrix, one shoudl see output of the form:
Jack Poulson
Nov 26 2016 18:45
OSX bug number 50: elemental/Elemental#203
it seems that there might be a lot of historical problems with the way that Clang calls out to libgcc's _Unwind_Resume
Jack Poulson
Nov 26 2016 20:47
I added a Minimum Reproducible Example: elemental/Elemental#203
this definitely seems to be another bug in the OS X toolchain