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Dec 2016
Jack Poulson
Dec 24 2016 00:04
bah, it seems that it would be useful to decide on whether we should switch to classes accepting std::shared_ptr's of El::Grid rather than const references since some routines (e.g., Bisect) create a tree of Grids
I don't have a good feel for the overhead of std::shared_ptr
Jack Poulson
Dec 24 2016 00:29
My thinking is no (due to the fact that DistMatrixis assumed to be cheap to construct and destruct) and that perhaps the sparse-direct solver should create a data structure for the tree of process grids
Ryan H. Lewis
Dec 24 2016 19:56
Why a sharedptr? A tree is a container, but a shared_ptr doesn't really reference containers
I mean a shared_ptr of grid is not a container of grids