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Jan 2017
Jack Poulson
Jan 06 2017 01:12
there is a GMRES in Elemental
it just isn't documented yet I think
it is heavily used within Elemental's Interior Point Methods
see include/El/solve/FGMRES.hpp for the flexible GMRES implementation
and include/El/solve/LGMRES.hpp for the left-preconditioned standard GMRES
with that said, the iterative solvers in the library have only existed to the point that they were needed for the more "direct" techniques like the IPMs
not that I am opposed to the iterative solvers improving
Jack Poulson
Jan 06 2017 01:22
Hmm, it seems that the Clang bug response time is not so impressive :-(
Carlos Borges
Jan 06 2017 21:21
Thanks for the response. I didn't see it in any of the available documentation. It is good to know. Best