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Mar 2017
Pavan B Govindaraju
Mar 16 2017 12:44
Hi...I wanted to ask a question before raising it as an issue on the repository. I'm wondering if that's OK. I'm trying to use ReadProxy and it looks like the repository has a more specific DistMatrixReadProxy than what is specified in the documentation. Are proxies supported in the current version of Elemental?
Ryan H. Lewis
Mar 16 2017 18:52
The documentation is wildly out of date
As far as support, I don't see why not, but @poulson would have to comment, as he wrote the code
Do you have any specific questions ?
Pavan B Govindaraju
Mar 16 2017 20:15
I'm specifically trying to access a DistMultiVec as fast as possible. But it looks like there isn't an appropriate proxy for it. I've tried searching within the code repository as well. Any code snippets related to it will be greatly appreciated.
To clarify further, access means, set (not necessarily in a contiguous fashion) elements in another array with elements of the particular DistMultiVec