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Mar 2017
Jack Poulson
Mar 23 2017 01:16
the permutation is in an El::Permutation or El::DistPermutation object now
that change was documented, but I'm a little unclear on what you're asking
Edward Vigmond
Mar 23 2017 08:38
Hi. I found the change logs but I do not see a change log for version 0.86 on GitHub. Before, when I did an LU factorization, I had to explicitly add a permutation vector to the decomposition and solving calls. Now, I no longer do. That is a change to the API since 0.85 that I cannot see noted. It is very possible that I am blind.
Pavan B Govindaraju
Mar 23 2017 22:05

@poulson, can you confirm the presence of the calls El::DistMultiVec<T>::QueuePull and El::DistMultiVec<T>::ProcessPullQueue. I've looked at the repo code and couldn't find a definition that fits the description.

I'm using the LinearSolve call for a DistSparseMatrix, which means my solution will be a DistMultiVec. In this case, is Get the best bet if I need quick access to the solution entries?