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Oct 2017
Yashar Hezaveh
Oct 19 2017 19:09
@jeffhammond is there a way I can give you access to my $SCRATCH so that you can have a look at the files?
Yashar Hezaveh
Oct 19 2017 19:33
I think the whole problem is compatibility with cmake versions. I've found a workaround (which might be a terrible way of doing it) that involves first using cmake 3.7.2 and when that fails, resuming with cmake 3.0.0. And this manages to finish, and compile. I still haven't run my code to see if there're any issues in the compiled library.
Yashar Hezaveh
Oct 19 2017 20:35

The only issue now is that even though I gave Cmake a local value (-D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$SCRATCH/elemental), at the end of make install I get this error:

CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:86 (file):
file cannot create directory: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/El. Maybe
need administrative privileges.

Jeff Hammond
Oct 19 2017 22:25
you won't get sudo on an NSF supercomputer :-) i'll try to find time to login and try.
Yashar Hezaveh
Oct 19 2017 22:26

I think this is because of something I had encountered before,,,,, my guess is that I need:

while configuring

trying it now
Yashar Hezaveh
Oct 19 2017 22:49
yes. That's what it was
so I've compiled and installed successfully. I'll compile my code now and see if it runs properly