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Nov 2017
Nov 22 2017 00:54
@jeffhammond Thanks. Were you referring to a pure shared-memory parallelism approach or extend the existing hybrid parallelism by exploiting
nested regions with omp tasks.? I understand the former is relatively massive to take over.
@poulson Any interest or thoughts on a higher level open-mp implementations on the core elemental routines/ bottleneck regions.?
Jack Poulson
Nov 22 2017 22:36
@mukunthh I am no longer developing Elemental in its current form but might start a new project from scratch in the future and incorporate lessons learned.
Jack Poulson
Nov 22 2017 22:41
And, if I did, it would be in a scenario where there was an active code review circle, ClangTidy integrated into the project, and sufficient connection with applications to drive development. And MPI would not seep into everything.