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Jan 2018
Jack Poulson
Jan 24 2018 12:19
Hi Peter. Unfortunately there isn't currently Windows support (and it would be a lot of work).
But, more generally, one would need to install the package and then appropriately configure linking to the Elemental libraries and configure the include paths to include the directory that Elemental's includes were installed into
Peter Dräxler
Jan 24 2018 12:52
Aha, thanks
Juan Sanchez
Jan 24 2018 20:52
Hello, I am interested in using your software for the direct solution quad precision sparse matrices using the C++ API. Is this possible? Quad precision is not mentioned on this page of the documentation:
Andreas Noack
Jan 24 2018 22:19
Has anybody had problems with the linking step for parmetis on macOS recently? I'm getting
[ 98%] Building C object libparmetis/CMakeFiles/parmetis.dir/wspace.c.o
[ 99%] Building C object libparmetis/CMakeFiles/parmetis.dir/xyzpart.c.o
[100%] Linking C shared library libparmetis.dylib
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "_MPI_Allgather", referenced from:
      _libparmetis__gkMPI_Allgather in gkmpi.c.o
  "_MPI_Allgatherv", referenced from:
      _libparmetis__gkMPI_Allgatherv in gkmpi.c.o
It's been a while since I've built Elemental, but I'm building a commit (as part of Elemental.jl) that used to work but maybe a recent version of Xcode is causing this issue.