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Jun 2018
Jack Poulson
Jun 23 2018 13:42

Sorry; I have not been active on this project in a long time but will try to respond to the extreme backlog.
@wlandry Yes, DiagonalScale (from the left) can be used for A(i, j) := d(i) * A(i, j) or (from the right) A(i, j) := A(i, j) * d(j). There are equivalent versions for triangular and Hessenberg matrices. And Hadamard performs an elementwise multiply (i.e., C(i, j) = A(i, j) * B(i, j)).

@arpangujarati El::IndexDependentFill should be automatically parallelized over each process's local matrix if you are using a distributed matrix. But I am guessing that you are thinking of a local matrix and hoping for threaded parallelism. Threading was never a part of Elemental's focus.

@avaziria @jeffhammond worked on something called BigMPI to help with this but I do not recall the status. Maybe (probably) he could say more.

@Belliger Sorry to see all of the trouble: it is strongly preferred to use the auto-generated CMake (or, as a fallback, Make) files generated during Elemental's configuration to build your project. Many toolchains are unfortunately entirely incompatible.

Jack Poulson
Jun 23 2018 13:57
Also, since someone offline asked me to clarify: I am not working on this project anymore but will answer questions.