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Repo info
    same xpath in javascript work perfectly
    Diego Molina
    @woodchucker please join https://seleniumhq.herokuapp.com, over there those type of questions get answered much quicker
    Peter Begle
    Was there a recent update to firefox that eliminated the following option to turn off the download dialog box? I no longer see this option browser.download.manager.showWhenStarting in the about:config section of firefox
    is there a new way to turn the download dialog box off?
    sergio fonseca
    Hello guys. How can I interact with chrome extensions with selenium?
    Firdaus Kamaruddin
    hi, is there any guide to integrate selenium hub using docker with windows node? any gotcha that i need to know?
    Joel Pearson
    Do you mean internet explorer inside a windows docker container? It’s not possible at the moment, you can’t have a gui inside a windows docker container at present.

    @elgalu is it possible to pass these 2 variables to the hub docker image? got it from dockerhq
    -e JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx1024m -e GRID_JETTY_MAX_THREADS=2048 i cant find anything in docs, if its not possible, how to add it to my custom image in start-selenium-hub.sh

    java ${JAVA_OPTS} \
    -jar ${SELENIUM_JAR_PATH} \
    -port ${SELENIUM_HUB_PORT} \
    -role hub \
    -maxSession ${MAX_SESSIONS} \
    -timeout ${SEL_RELEASE_TIMEOUT_SECS} \
    -browserTimeout ${SEL_BROWSER_TIMEOUT_SECS} \
    -cleanUpCycle ${SEL_CLEANUPCYCLE_MS} \
    -Xmx1024m \

    like that?

    Leo Gallucci
    Yes you could do that @Shinoby1992 , if you believe this is a convenient default maybe you could send a pull request with the change
    im not sure if thats a good idea, i never send any pull requests, so i don't even know whats important for structure ect.
    but i can tell these both settings should be included in elgalu image because these too factors / values can give a performance boost if using many instances
    im now mixing the original docker hub and use the dockerhq hub image with elgalu node image
    the hub runs better with these settings set than without
    Has anyone used any of the unofficial bindings for Selenium+Golang?
    I see some stuff on Github, but wondering if anyone here actually uses it.
    Nicolás Mercado

    Hi, everyone.
    Thanks for docker-selenium.
    I had a question that's bugging me.
    I'm finding issues when trying to hit a linked container using an alias.
    For example:

                        - "my-site.dev"
                - 80:80
            image: selenium/standalone-chrome
                - /dev/shm:/dev/shm
                - wordpress

    If I bash into the selenium container, I can curl the alias without issues. But when I ran autotests I'm not able to reach the host. If I use the service name, though, Selenium can find it without problems.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Jeff Dickey

    We've been stumped trying to figure out how to get Selenium JavaScript testing working with our Dockerised Ruby (Hanami) app. For spec examples that don't depend on JavaScript, of course, the Capybara-default Rack::Test driver is adequate, but every modern app depends on JavaScript for one thing or another, and ours is/will be no different.

    I've read a few of the answers on SO, and started rifling through GitHub looking for random similar projects, but we've been stopped for an increasingly politically unsustainable length of time here.

    I've written up a Gist at https://gist.github.com/jdickey/b8065ae63f19c87939d13f3b22e40b72

    To summarise:

    1. We can run JavaScript-using feature specs successfully if no non-JS specs are run in the same rake invocation. (We use jbodah/minitest-tagz to filter spec invocations);
    2. When running our full set of specs, Firefox Marionette hangs when running a JavaScript-enabled example, with its log message indicating that it does not have the IP address it should be connecting to.

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Raj Vasikarla
    Hello, i have a node app running in my local and i able to access the app using https://localhost:8080. I started elgalu image in my local and vnc into it. When i try to access the same url, its unable to load the page. Am i missing anything here? kindly help . @elgalu : please help
    hey guys,
    anybody knows how to set browserTimeout via zalenium platform? im having problems with the agents closing after 60 sec with error on keep-alive, we are using C#
    Konstantin Bläsi
    increasing the number of browser instances/slots is not recommended according to https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/docker-selenium#increasing-the-number-of-browser-instancesslots
    I am using protractor and want to parallelize the tests . The protractor config is using maxInstances: N and shardTestFiles: true to run N test/spec files at a time. I am using the selenium/hub:3 and selenium/node-chrome:3 docker images. Would I just create N instances of selenium/node-chrome:3 and that's it?
    Alina V.
    Hey guys, I'm quite new to docker, need your advice!
    We are running e2e tests using docker-selenium and dosel/zalenium and faced with the issue that some tests are passing locally and crashing on docker execution. I thought that it has been caused by the browser version differences - pulled the latest images' version, but still the test is crashing in the same way. Please take a look at the test execution on local and zalenium (please note that scroll on zalenium video is manual):
    do you know what could cause this difference?
    chromedriver version in both cases is 2.45 ..., browser version is 71. ...
    @AlinaVasylieva do you have an error message? maybe im facing the same problem..
    Alina V.

    No @garryg1993 , just regular test fail :(

    But it is cause by the different browser behaviour. In one case, click action is working as intended - scrolls to the element and clicks, in other - it doesn't scroll to the element, thus I'm getting timeout

    oh, thats a different problem.. sorry i cant help with that
    Alina V.
    @garryg1993 thanks anyway
    Hello everybody. One another question with Zalenium. I need to findout way, to get ssesion ID, to attach link for vide in Zelando dashboard to my report. Can anybody help me?

    Hello everyone
    I am having a strange issue with docker-selenium.
    I am using Chrome Preferences in capabilities to automatically allow any notifications as below config in protractor
    browserName: chrome,
    shardTestFiles: true,
    maxInstances: 5,
    chromeOptions: {
    args: [
    prefs: {
    'download': {
    'prompt_for_download': false,
    'directory_upgrade': true,
    'default_directory': downloadDir
    'profile.managed_default_content_settings.notifications': 1


    The same config works fine while using a webdriver-manager based chromedriver session. But fails in Docker-Selenium.

    Alina V.
    Hey guys, not sure if the channel is correct, sorry in advance if this question is not relevant.
    Need a hand, as I'm quite new to Zalenium and docker itself.
    We are now trying to run Zalenium on AWS and the issue is that we can connect to the HUB, but have no idea how to connect to the agent?
    So I'm getting this error ERROR: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND https https:80
    Could somebody advise how to initialise the agent's port in config file?
    We are using NodeJs, wdio and npm
    Hey Guys! Anyone used Azure Devops?
    Hana Bizhani
    Hi, Does elgalu/selenium linux based? if I want to run zalenium, how can I have a windows based selenium? Goal is Cross Browser Testing our scripts on different versions of firefox on windows
    Hi to all, maybe somebody has a project with webdriverio+selenium in docker-compose, share a link, please.
    Thank you in advice!

    How to translate the files using google translator via selenium

    I come across https://translate.google.com/ which translates given text to the desired language.

    I have nearly 2,000 files with each file of 300 KB each.

    Currently i need to open each file, paste few text and translated it the above web-site and save it?

    Is there a way to automate for the 2,000 files by reading and sending portion of string and finally append to the file. Repeat for the same for all files


    Will the IP addressed will be blocked?
    Is it illegal to use selenium for this purpose?
    Is there a legal automated way to translate using the above free service?
    If nothing is possible, i need to do it manually

    please advise.


    can someone help me how to select the language via selenium in https://translate.google.com/ ???
    How to iterate with several pages? How to exit a page ? How to use for loop to navigate the same page by closing and opening several times in selenium ?


    I have huge text files - raw text. I want to convert them to a different language. Google/Microsoft/Yandex is best for online conversions. However we need to copy and paste and moreover it has size limitation as well.

    Is there is any tool which i can use for bulk conversion at one shot which can give the output in multiple files.

    Thanks in advance.


    How to convert a java standlone app to web application or access via internet?

    I come across several beautiful java standalone application..example DocFetcher...However there is no web interface available.

    Is there a way to make it as web application using any tool or third party plugin or server?
    Is there a way to launch in the server and access as jnlp from anywhere?
    What would be the best and easiest way to convert a standalone jar or desktop java application to web server...

    Not going to be a request and response..Instead wanted to do the same thing which we can do in the standlone......

    Please kindly advise....
    i f nothing is possible, is it possible via docker
    looking for a solution via docker if possible

    Shubhojit Bhattacharjee

    Hi all,

    I am using Intellij to run my Maven-Selenium-Java-TestNG test cases

    I want to run my Test Cases in Command-Line. Upon entering following command :
    java -Dtestng.test.classpath="D:/ThoughtFocus_CreditServices_Testing/src/test/java/com/creditPlus;" org.testng.TestNG QA_Regression_Chrome_testng.xml

    I am getting following exception:
    Error: Could not find or load main class org.testng.TestNG

    hello everyone~~~
    i treid to hide the chromebrowser when driver.get(url)
    so i added option --headless
    but then the browser send "Access Denied" response.
    please help me.
    this is available site for Spain IP
    so i used Spain VPN.

    From the Readme:

    Chrome flavor
    This feature was available in previous versions, please go to 2.47.1m to use it.
    To configure which Chrome flavor you want to use (stable, beta, unstable), just pass -e CHROME_FLAVOR=beta to docker run. Default is stable.

    Does this still apply? We currently have docker-selenium powering our tests during CI and are looking to run our stuff against beta chrome. Only reason I ask is that 2.47.1m is old from 2015. Would I be losing anything with such an old image?

    @SnakeGeneral did you ever get past your error?
    Hi, I need to change the screen size of the container in which the test is run. How can I do it? Thanks
    hi guys when I am trying to load extension in containers I get the below error
    error -CRX verification failed to parse extension header. Chrome supports only CRX3 format.
    My extension format is CRX and its loading without containers.
    could anyone advise on above
    Which one is best HTML parser ?? JSoup vs Jtidy vs HTMLUnit vs TagSoup .... Does anyone has any idea
    Khrystyna Koblents
    Hello, could somebody help me: I am writing automation tests on java, selenium, maven for Gmail extension. Once the Login button is clicked in the extension, a new window is opened, namely Identity API Scope Approval UI. I can not inspect elements with Chrome Inspector tools, focus on the window and do anything. Is there any workaround?
    anyidea why standalone-chrome gives this error Error: "bind() returned an error, errno=99: Cannot assign requested address (99)"
    Hello all! I am trying to run a docker compose yml file on mac apple m1 chip and I m getting this error:
    "automation_hub | Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Error initializing the hub Could not find a non-loopback ip4 address for this machine"
    ps. The docker compose yml includes the usual services for a selenium grid yml like selenium hub, selenium/node-chrome etc
    It seems more than a network issue, but I would like to share it here in case that someone encountered this one.
    Thank you in advance
    Luis Ruiz

    Hello all
    I' using Docker with selenium grid when i running docker-compose

    Exception in thread "main" org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Could not find a non-loopback ip4 address for this machine

    thanks for advance