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Repo info
    Eliot Sykes
    Today is Friday 1st May 2015. I'll drop in to this chat regularly and help if I can for the next few days. Ask questions about the project and how to test your Rails apps with RSpec below. Thanks! Eliot
    Hi guys
    I am facing issue in rspec
    any one is available to give hands?
    hi guys
    any one is there
    hi all
    Hi all
    I want to use rspec with raIls, please guide me, I new to TDD
    ramesh u r just a .............
    Sean Kahovec
    hi guys i seem to be having multiple problems with my rspec project any pros out there that feel like helping out
    need some help in rspec and factory girl T_T
    hello team
    Hi @eliotskyes is this channel working?
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    Mohit Gupta
    how can we Test presence of javascript code/snippet with rspec capybara?
    Sumit Basra
    Hi All, I have an interview where they want me to test a web using RSpec. I have never done RSpec. Can someone please point me to some tutorials?
    Atilla Gündüz
    @sumitbasra here you have a very detailed video with 6h material
    Andrea Schiavini
    hi @all, I've a question about rspec metadata. I'd like to automatically add a line with current spec name (or path) to my rails test log file before each test, but it seems it's impossible to automate this cause I can't access spec metadata from within a before block.
    has anybody ever managed to do this?
    Andrea Schiavini
    shame on me - I was trying to access it from a before(:all) block. Using the right block did the trick.
    Hi there, I hope someone can help me. I have a new Rails app generated with --api how do I scaffold an user_controller spec with type: :api
    hi everyone
    Does anyone know why I need to record new episodes everytime I change my spec file??
    Hello Everyone !!
    Anyone using RSpec with appium? I am stuck at setting up capabilities. Please help

    Hi All

    Anyone tried to set capabilities from command line? Like this

    rspec --default-capabilities spec/test_data/new_caps.json spec/cli_test/cli_test_spec.rb

    I want to set --language capability at run time. It will be different for different test cases.

    HI All, I am working with Rspec and getting bootsnap error .can anyone help me to fix it.