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Jun 2016
Gertjan Roggemans
Jun 27 2016 16:15
Hi zach, how are you doing? Currently a few of my packages need/use some aliases and stuff that need to go in my bash and zsh rc files. Because this makes packages less or unusable if the shell config isn't adjusted, I started using a system where all files in a particular directory are sourced on shell startup. Packages just drop there specific init scripts in there, and all is fine. The bad thing about this is that packages become less portable/universal. I want to solve this by adding an init script and folder to ellipsis. The init script would be the only thing that a user needs to add to his/her bash/zsh/..rc file and it would then add the ellipsis bin to the path, add ellipsis variables to the environment and call all scripts in the $ELLIPSIS_PATH/init folder. This approach is backwards compatible and adds a standard solution for the problem. What do you think about it? an other solution (maybe better now i think about it) would be to use an init hook instead of the dir+scripts.