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Nov 2016
Gertjan Roggemans
Nov 03 2016 16:50
Hey Zach, I need your opinion about something. At the moment there is a small problem with the update mechanism. If the package uses custom link and install logic, and it changes a file location, the new unlink/uninstall hook won't be able to properly cleanup old stuf, and the files won't be available on the new location. At the moment this can be fixed be relinking or reinstalling (instead of updating) the package. This can be avoided by writing a more complex update hook, but this issue is rather common. Now my main question is, do we want to relink/ reinstall by default (if changes are detected) or do we provide an easy option to enable this for a given package? (with a variable in the file for example) Stuff like Composer (PHP) always re-installs, but I for example have packages that compile deps in the install hook, so always reinstalling might not be the best idea for every situation..
(Just an idea btw, not yet working on this..)