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Apr 2015
Brad Shaw
Apr 13 2015 16:10
For problem 59, are you supposed to find out the key before xoring through the message?
Noah Jan Miller
Apr 13 2015 17:12
I think it would be pretty impossible to find the key without xoring the message. I haven't finished my code yet, but I imagine the only way to find the key is having Python run through a brute force guess-and-check: xoring with thousands of possible keys to find one that produces English words from the encrypted message.
Natasha Proctor
Apr 13 2015 17:23
Are we supposed to add notes that explain what we are doing in our code?
Noah Jan Miller
Apr 13 2015 17:28
@nproctor it's not a bad idea since it'll help explain to your future self what your code did and how it works. It's also good to do to show the graders what you are trying to accomplish with each step
Natasha Proctor
Apr 13 2015 17:30
@millernj Thanks!
Apr 13 2015 19:18
A useful resource to check your code with is It goes over your code step-by-step and shows what's happening on each line of code as it's running.