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Apr 2015
Brian E. Granger
Apr 17 2015 08:54

The assignment04 is ready:

nbgrader fetch phys202-2015 assignment04

I have also added one other notebook to day06 that you should look through for the homework, so you should delete your old day06 folder and re-fetch it:

nbgrader fetch phys202-2015 day06

This homework should be interesting - due on Monday.

Apr 17 2015 17:33
Is anyone else having a problem opening the link to the SILSO website? :worried:
Apr 17 2015 17:57
nvm its working now :)
Apr 17 2015 20:36
Not sure if this is an error, but when we run the asserting section for length of the year and ssc, it's checking for 'year' rather than 'years'. Is it okay if we change 'year' to 'years' in that section?
Apr 17 2015 22:36
@ellisonbg Are there office hours today?